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Private Meditation Class

Private Meditation Class live-phone-or Zoom

I begin by asking questions to help me understand why you want to meditate and what stumbling blocks have stopped you in the past.  I then create a custom learning situation for YOU and how your mind works.  After doing our discovery work, we will use different techniques to find what speaks to your brain and your higher consciousness.

Remember, meditation is not “clearing” your mind but “focusing” your mind.  Finding the way to gently focus without a wrestling match is the answer for most of us.  By the end of our time together, you will have a knowing of what works for you.   My goal is not that you continue to need my assistance but that I assist you in creating your own practice. This will allow you to continue on your own using your own quiet time.

Some people do one class, and that is enough to get them headed on their own journey.  Others prefer to do a package of sessions and follow up with occasional guided meditations. Classes may be done in person or on Zoom

Appointments can be made Mon-Fri 10:00-6:00 Central Time

I offer a FREE 30-minute no-obligation introductory phone call consultation before scheduling your session. Phone calls may be scheduled by emailing at

90 min Private Meditation Class: $95, Package of (4) 1 hour $340 to be used within 6 months

Call for an appointment (270) 217-4626

Jennifer Hunt

There are as many ways to meditate as there are reasons to meditate.  For this reason, people struggle with meditation.  They’ve tried “just sitting” and it’s “just not working”  If you are someone who has tried meditation only to be frustrated instead of relaxed, this technique is for you.   This one on one class approaches a complicated subject in a more grounded, simple manner.


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