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Biomat Relaxation Sessions


The sessions are offered in a safe and loving environment, focused on healing and balance of the mind, body and spirit.

You stay fully clothed for the session and it is recommended that you wear natural fibers for the best benefit.

For more for scheduling sessions or if you have any questions:

PH 270-519-6339


BioMat can provide great benefits to absolutely anyone. Whether you need to release stress, detoxify your body or you have health issues, simply lying on the BioMat promotes a feeling of well-being for a healthier mind and body.

BioMat is a medical-quality, FDA-Registered and based on award-winning research.

Benefits of the BioMat:

Reduces stress and fatigue
Relieves anxiety and promotes relaxation
Improves sleep patterns
Reduces inflammation
Eases joint pain and stiffness
Provides warm, soothing pain relief
Eliminates toxins in the body
Increases blood circulation
Alleviates migraines and tension headaches
Reduces allergy symptoms
Improves immune system function
Improves cardiovascular health
Burns calories and controls weight
Improves muscle tone and skin quality

You can also buy a BioMat and use it in the comfort of your own home or private practice: 

Contact Nicole Brown at
PH 270-519-6339

30min $20/session

or $64/4-sessions
(perfect for a lunch break)

60min $35/session
or $112/4-sessions

Medical BioMat Relaxation Sessions

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19.69″ x 33.46″ / 14 LB
$650.00 + SH $40
Biomat Pillow
19″ x 12 ‘ x 4.3 ” / 8 LB
$350.00 + $30 SH
Professional Mat
27.56″ x 72.83″ / 33 LB
$1650.00 + SH $60
($100 discount for professional health providers)

*The BioMat is not intended to cure, diagnose or treat medical conditions.  The Biomat is not a substitute for conventional medical care.  These are techniques used in conjunction with any medical care that is deemed appropriate by you and/or your physician.

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